Visualizing world happiness

I created an interactive D3 visualization of the annual world happiness survey and its relation to several variables related to each country's government.

Rebecca Barter

Over the new year I decided to work on my D3.js skills (rather than do the actual work that I probably should’ve done) by submitting an entry to the World Data Visualization competition. The interactive version of the fruits of my labour can be found by clicking here. Below is a static screenshot.

Essentially, the first screen shows each country’s happiness score (and are colored accordingly using the viridis color palette).

Cycling the Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle

I came across a dataset that records bicycle and pedestrian traffic on the Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle and decided to try out my D3 skills.

Rebecca Barter

While living in Seattle, I rode to and from Fremont every day on the Burke Gilman bike trail. Little did I know that everytime I went past NE 70th St, I (along with everyone else) was being recorded… It turns out that hourly data of traffic on the Burke Gilman trail is publicly available online. I decided to try out my D3 skills and make a cute little visualization of an average day in the life of the Burke Gilman trail.