Migrating from GitHub Pages to Netlify: how and why?

Sorry GitHub Pages, but we need to break up. I've found a new web hosting service.

Rebecca Barter

Goodbye GitHub Pages, I hope you’re not too upset! After finding myself increasingly frustrated with GitHub Pages inability to cooperate with my website engine of choice, Hugo, I’ve decided to make a move. Here are the reasons why: Having all of my project pages being subpages of my personal page felt weird. Dealing with git subtrees, merge conflicts on the master branch, and having to do all kinds of work-arounds to get Hugo to play nice with GitHub Pages was driving me crazy.

by Kellie Ottoboni, Rebecca Barter, Ryan Giordano, Sara Stoudt In 2015, UC Berkeley experienced a series of high-profile sexual harassment incidents, prompting the graduate students in the Statistics Department to hold a roundtable event. While this response was initiated by overt sexual harassment, our discussion extended to other subtler gender biases. This article outlines the events that lead to the roundtable’s inception, the details of organizing and hosting the event, and our thoughts on what did and didn’t work.