5 useful R tips from rstudio::conf(2020) - tidy eval, piping, conflicts, bar charts and colors

Last week I had the pleasure of attending rstudio::conf(2020) in San Francisco. Throughout the course of the week I met many wonderful people and learnt many things. This post covers some of the little tips and tricks that I learnt throughout the conference.

Rebecca Barter

Tip 1: Tidy evaluation Tip 2: Pipe into later arguments of a function using . Tip 3: Function conflicts workaround (no more dplyr::select()) Tip 4: geom_col(): you’ll never have to specify “stat = identity” for your bar plots ever again! Tip 5: Using show_col() for viewing colour palettes This was my second year attending rstudio::conf() as a diversity scholar (and my first time as a speaker), and I was yet again blown away by the friendliness of the community and the quality of the talks.

Becoming an R blogger

In this post I discuss why I became an R blogger, why you should too, and some tips and tricks to get your started. This post is based on my rstudio::conf(2020) talk called 'Becoming an R blogger'

Rebecca Barter

Why start a blog? How to choose a topic Use interesting and easily accessible data examples Keep it simple Creating and hosting your blog Spreading the word Go forth and blog! This year I was given the opportunity to talk at rstudio::conf(2020), which, if you’ve never been, is one of those rare conferences where every person you meet is both extremely friendly and excited about R, and you learn a million fun and useful things that you can actually use.