superheat 0.1.0

First version of superheat now available on CRAN.

Rebecca Barter

superheat 0.1.0 is now available on CRAN. Superheat makes it easy to create extendable, cutomizable, and most importantly, beautiful heatmaps. It has increased flexibility and user-friendliness when compared to alternatives such as heatmap() and pheatmap(). For usage options see the vignette and for examples see the accompanying paper by Barter and Yu (2017). You can install the latest version with: install.packages("superheat") Stay tuned for new versions with added features and minor usability tweaks.

Superheat: a simple example

A simple example of using superheat to create beautiful heatmaps.

Rebecca Barter

Making beautiful and customizable heatmaps just got way easier… Introducing the superheat R package! Using superheat, it is now extremely easy to produce plots like the example below describing 10 randomly selected cars from the famous mtcars dataset. library(superheat) set.seed(1347983) selected.rows <- sample(1:nrow(mtcars), 10) X.col <- matrix("black", ncol = ncol(mtcars), nrow = 10) X.col[scale(mtcars[selected.rows, ]) < 0] <- "white" superheat(mtcars[selected.rows,], # add text X.text = round(as.matrix(mtcars[selected.rows, ])), X.text.col = X.