I have made a number of tutorials on a variety of R- and statistics-related topics. The list below shows descriptions of and links to these tutorials. Keep an eye on this page – I’m always adding more!

R packages

  • across: a summary of the across() function which replaces the select helper functions such as select_if() and mutate_at() in dplyr 1.0.0

  • tidymodels: an introduction to the tidymodels package for conducting Machine Learning in a tidy way

  • purrr: an introduction to the purrr R package for iteration

  • The tidyverse: a two part summary of the tidyverse, aimed at helping practitioners transition from base R to the tidyverse. Part 1 focuses on tidy thinking, piping, dplyr and ggplot2, and Part 2 focuses on tidyr, purrr, readr, tibbles as well as lubridate, forcats and stringr

  • recipes: an introduction to using the recipes R package for pre-processing data prior to machine learning

  • scoped verbs: a summary of the usage of dplyr scoped verbs such as mutate_if(), summarise_all(), rename_at()

  • caret: an introduction to caret prepared for STAT215A. (Jupyter notebook)

  • ggplot2: ggplot2 basics prepared for a workshop at Joint Genome Institute. (Jupyter notebook)

  • interactive visualization: a tutorial on interactive viz prepared for the SGSA student seminar series

  • superheat I made a super cool R package (blog post, github, vignette, paper, video) for creating customizable, extendable, and beautiful heatmaps


  • ANOVA: an intuitive explanation of ANOVA prepared for the Practical Statistics group.

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